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Best of 2018

This year has been one full of life milestones for me and it’s been my busiest year since becoming a wedding photographer. I’ve worked with so many beautiful happy couples and I’ve also had an amazing opportunity to take portraits of new signings for my boyhood football club Nottingham Forest, but ultimately all of this was surpassed by the birth of my amazing little boy Freddie!

Fatherhood has been life changing and incredible. I couldn’t help but include personal photos in this years post. I’ve also included some pics from Art of Football’s Nottingham fan zone documenting England’s reaction to our World Cup success - perhaps the second most incredible life moment (England winning a penalty shoot out!!!).

Each year I love compiling my favourite photos for this blog post. Whilst the wedding season always seems like a whirlwind, being able look back on the year and take stock of all the beautiful couples, places and moments i’ve witnessed is really fulfilling and makes me proud of what I have managed to create for people.

Unfortunately it hasn’t been all happiness this year. Sadly my wife lost her dad very suddenly and having photos to look back on really did emphasise how important photography is. Being able to transport your mind back and appreciate the value of that moment, long after it has past is the priceless joy of my craft.

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