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Tash and Toff

The choices we make in life can lead us down many different paths, and sometimes it takes a leap of faith into the unknown to turn a dream into reality. If it wasn’t for a number of life changing decisions Tasha and Toff would never have met, they would not have had a beautiful baby boy and I would not have been there to photograph their wedding day.

I have known Tasha and her family for the majority of my life. They were a big part of my childhood and were always fun and hospitable. After emigrating from the UK 10 years ago; although perhaps a few years older and wiser, the family haven’t changed. Because of this, photographing their wedding on Port Willunga beach was special to me on many levels.

My wife Rach and I made our own tough decision to leave our family, friends and jobs in the UK for a 6 month trip down under. We questioned many times before we left if we had made the right decision, leaving the comfort and stability of our lives in the UK was a daunting prospect. However, after being made to feel so welcome and at home out here, we don’t regret it at all.

It seems that the gambles taken in this story have paid off. Maybe the moral should be to take the plunge into the  big, blue ocean of the unknown more often – it might just lead to something good.

After all, shouldn’t life be a beach?

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