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Samara and Ollie

Samara and Ollie had an incredibly chic, 1920's inspired wedding in the little village of Broadway in the Cotswolds. Here is their story in Samara's own words...

"If it wasn't for Facebook, we wouldn't be together. I met Ollie while trekking Machu Picchu in 2008 and told my friend he was 'my dream husband'. Nothing happened because he was in a relationship, but we kept in touch through Facebook. I went to Chicago, then Ollie came to Seattle. We didn't know if there was a future for us because we lived in different cities. Then Ollie moved to Australia for work. I visited him in 2012 and realised I loved him. I cried the whole way home. Ollie moved back to London, and proposed to be over Skype. We got married legally in the City Hall but our 'real' wedding is in the Cotswolds this summer. Whats special about our relationship is that Ollie and I were married before we'd ever lived in the same city together. I moved my whole life to be with him."

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