Rain. Rain, Rain, Rain. RAIN! Rainy, rainy, rain.

There was certainly an air of worry amongst Lucy's family when I arrived at her house. An amazing marquee, ready to host the best day of your life, sinking into a boggy field. Lucy however was surprisingly calm - she was still working on the evenings playlist! 

I continued on to photograph Harry getting ready. More rain - big rain, the type that drenches you to the core in a matter of seconds. Even I was getting worried - my hair frizzy. I headed back to Lucy's to capture her beautiful dress.

Cue divine intervention.

As Lucy was leaving the house to walk to the church - glorious sunshine!

Sun. Sun, sun, sun. SUN! Sunny, sunny, sun.

They say the sun shines on the brave (or did I make that up)

Whatever the weather - this day would have been amazing regardless.